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Gregory Bloom
Popular Seminars

"Beef Industry Basics"

In this one hour seminar, we'll walk through the beef production process, including cow-calf, stocker and feed lots.  We'll discuss grass fed and grain fed beef, hormones, antibiotics, breeds, genetics and grading.  This is a great class for food service sales teams, retail meat cutters and restaurant chain staff. Participants will experiece a lively, informative discussion and will better undertand the complex beef production process.  

"Culinary Methods for the Cut Out"

In this one, two or three hour, hands on workshop, we'll walk and talk through most of the parts of the beef cut out and talk about how each cut is best used for menus, profitability and maximizing the awesome flavors found in beef cuts. This is a great class for food service sales teams, meat cutters, R&D staff at restaurant chains and chefs. This class is taught in a commercial kitchen in Denver or other cities upon request. Participants will learn how to use sous vide, smokers, Intant Pots, grill and roast. Participants will be confident cooking with beef after this fun, hands on class. 

"Beef Plant Tour"

In groups no larger than 15 people, we'll tour through one of the most modern meat plants in Denver.  This one hour tour familiarizes participants with food safety, interventions, packaging, R&D and processing methods.  This class can be coupled with a "Beef Industry Basics" class or "Culinary Methods for the Cut Out".  This tour is best for food service sales people, chefs, chain account purchasing teams and retail store meat merchandisers.

"7 Things You Need to know about Meat Plants and 3 Things You Wished You Didn't Know!"

In this one hour presentation I share my experiences, both good and bad, from working in six different USDA meat plants for over 25 years.  This seminar is tailored to groups that have never set foot in a meat plant, don't know much about how meat is processed and have concerns over topics such as; antibiotic use, animal welfare, hormone use, processsing of meat and food safety. In this fast moving one hour together, I share pictures and videos from my career working in the meat industry.  This is a great class for those skeptical of meat production.  Save all the hard questions for me! I'll be honest and answer as many as I can with transparency.

Click on book cover above to order "Lost Lessons from Life on the Farm", endorsed by Dr. Temple Grandin

See The BEEF PRO channel on YouTube for informative short videos on beef.

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