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Life is like a fence:  How small farm town lessons solve big company problems

I turned my life experiences of building fences, managing and motivating people and learning the fine art of mentoring while working in Japan into my signature keynote speech, "Life is like a fence".  You see,  I grew up on a farm fixing fences.  On farms and ranches, maintaining fences is a constant chore.  As a farm kid, I had to check our fences every week or an animal was going to get out or in our pastures.  Building new fences that last long-term takes planning, specific tools, wisdom and know-how.  

Life is like a fence in many ways. We are all fence builders.  A fence represents the overall purpose of an organization. What is the purpose of your fence?  Is your organization's mission/vision statement clearly defined?  Do all your people know where your fence is going?

In my very practical keynote, "Life is like a fence", I will motivate and inspire your team to "build a fence".

In your company, non-profit or organization, are you experiencing:

  • High turnover rates?
  • Employees that don't engage and feel connected to your team?
  • Volunteers that don't stick around or fully engage?
  • A workplace that doesn’t always work?
  • Teams that don’t behave like teams?
  • People that blame others for non-performance & failure?
  • A work ethic that has gone downhill?
  • People who make excuses?
  • Lack of confidence of individuals and teams?
  • The lack of motivation in your department?
  • Unresolved conflict that is stifling productivity?
  • A negative workplace culture?

As a result of Greg Bloom’s farm upbringing, lessons learned growing up on a farm as a fence builder, mentoring lessons learned while living in Japan and a 26 year career in the Ag industry working with people, Greg offers an insightful, relevant and actionable presentation, that can help your organization achieve:

  • Lower employee and volunteer turn over.
  • Increased productivity.
  • An end to destructive behaviors.
  • A new culture that works.
  • Personal accountability.
  • Pride in every department for having put in a solid day’s work.
  • True organic teamwork.
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