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Wednesday, September 05 2012

In the beef loin, the loin meat with the least respect is the Tri-Tip Roast. Everyone gives plenty of praise to the Tenderloin, and surely it is a wonderful piece of meat to finish the day enjoying. But you pay for the Tenderloin; dearly. But the humble, often overlooked Tri-Tip roast, which is also loin meat, sits at the bottom of the price and push lists for many packers, and shows up on few menus nationally, but for California which consumes more Tri-tips than the rest of the 49 put together (unofficial guess, based on where I sell all my tri-tips). The Tri-TIp is Tri-angular, thus the name. It's gpt the great loin meat flavor, especially when aged for 14 to 21 days. It has a fat cap on it, about 3/8" thick, on the top side. You can buy them without the cap and they are called peeled, but It's better to buy them with the fat cap on, as they are much cheaper. The Tri-Tip is wonderful marinated, with a dry rub, or with just salt and pepper. My favorite way to grill is with a rub made of olive oil, Kosher salt, course ground peppers and lots of fresh rosemary. Grill until medium, slice thin on a bias and enjoy! Great on salads. If you are watching your calories, cook with the fat cap removed. Taste is best if you grille or roast with the fat cap on, then peel if off before you serve it. Search Youtube for Tri-Tip and find my video. BEEFITUP!

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