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Wednesday, May 01 2013

Food Service Pro's it's time to step up and lead.  That's right, you are not in your account to just take their order passively.  You are there to proactively lead your customer to profitabilty.  That means you take out the menu and start examining one-by one each entree and making sure the rising costs of proteins this year are not errodingy you customer's profits.  You will find that your account needs to raise prices on some items.  Or you need to find alternatives for lowing their food cost.  On a recent call, I examined 10 key protein items on the menu.  Six of them had food costs exceding 40% due to the increased cost of proteins.  What did I recommend?  Smaller portions on two items, getting rid of one item that the chef wasn't selling anyway, changing the protein supplier on the other two to a lower cost product and changing up the steak and shrimp dish to make the food cost work.   So stop selling and start analyzing. Your competitor isn't doing this and your account will thank you for it.  Now go BEEF it Up!

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