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Thursday, September 19 2013

Growing up on the farm and even now, when my animals get sick, I give them medicine to feel better.  It's the humane thing to do.  Just like when your kid is sick and needs medicine to heal, we are blessed to have modern medicine, and we give our kids drugs to feel better.    But should we give healthy animals anti-biotics and beta agonists or ionosphores?     Animals that are in close proximety to each other like pigs and chickens are given anti-biotics to keep them from getting sick. This is good. If you don't like this practice, the the industry has a solution for you; they grow animals without giving them antibiotics, but the animals need a lot more space to live in and its cost more to raise them this way.  That's why Never Ever and Organic meat costs more; it's not as efficient to raise animals this way. 

But Greg, "I don't want drugs in the beef it eat and I don't want to pay more".

I go off when chefs and consumers tell me that they want Never Ever meat, animals raised without hormones or antibiotics or beta agonists BUT SAY FOOLISHLY,  "I don't want to pay more for it".  Listen, You can't eat at John Elways steak house for the same price as the the fast food chains.   You have to pay a rancher what he needs to make a small profit to raise an animal without drugs that can help the animal gain weight.  

So when your read the stories that make you SO MAD about the BAD BAD drug companies that make these drugs (they also make all the human drugs we get the benefits from and are so glad to have when we are in the hospital) or the BAD BAD farmer/rancher/producers that are using these drugs to try to make a small profit and give you the consumer what you want, which SADLY is "THE CHEAPEST MEAT per Pound" available, GO LOOK IN THE MIRROR and take a long look at the real problem. 

IF you wan't cheap meat, the industry will give it to you.  IF you want drug free meat, the idustry will give it to you.  We can raise whatever you want and are willing to pay for.

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