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Wednesday, June 25 2014
Does eating saturated fats in meat cause heart disease?

"Fat is bad" we've been told.  Meaning the saturated fat in meats.  For over 50 years we've been trying to cut the fat out of our diets because we were told all the studies done were conclusive about the fact that fat is bad for us.  'It makes us fat".  "It causes heart disease". "It raises our cholesterol".  Well, it turns out the research wasn't so accurate and these statements don't have the science behind them that we assumed they did.   It took Nina Teicholz over 9 years of extensive research to uncover the truth.  In her new book, "The Big Fat Surprise: Why Butter, Meat and Cheese belong in a Healthy Diet", Nina, with great detail explains fully how science and some key people making nutrition policy steered us wrong.  I finished the book last week and talked to Nina today by phone. I asked Nina, "What happened to the normally self-correcting mechanism of science that should have corrected this "fat is bad" message?"  The answer is in the book.  You need to read the book for yourself to be fully convinced. Buy it, read it and be amazed at how a strong academic personality, many poorly conducted studies and a bias against saturated fats fooled us all. You will be engaged by her story and findings and you may lose some weight as you start eating saturated fats again.  Good news: they are good for your health!

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