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Wednesday, December 05 2012

There is a lot of confusion in the market place over Grass Fed, Grain Fed, Grain Finished, Organic, Natural, Free Range, Never Ever and other terms used to differentiate companies and programs. Remember that the label on the box must verify the claims made by a brochure, sales rep or website. I have found many operators "thinking" that they were buying and paying for a premium program with marketing claims like, Organic, Local, Never Ever and Grass Fed, but the box label has nothing of the sort. Labels on boxes have to be approved by the USDA, marketing materials DO NOT. So check those box labels of the items you are buying or selling to make sure the claims on the POS are verified. Also purchasing people need to ask for documents used to make up those claims like the producer affidavits and label approvals from the USDA. There are many great companies with certifiable programs, but do your homework. When in doubt; ASK ME.

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