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Thursday, April 14 2016
Why Some Marketers of Organic Foods lie about GMOs

Why lie about GMOs?  Hint: $$

Food is a huge part of the human experience.  Because we tie it to our relationships, our celebrations, our recreations, and our sense of well being, it’s an emotionally evocative element of living.  It’s hard to over-estimate food’s influence in our lives, or its power to illicit controversy in our culture.  When it comes to our food, few issues provoke a stronger response. This is one reason why GMOs are strongly debated. 

I have been in the food production business all of my life in one form or another. I have raised and sold traditionally raised food and organic food. Both are necessary and sustainable. 

It would be irresponsible of me to keep quiet about my experiences, over the last 20 years especially, selling traditional and organic food.  Organic food consumption is growing and it’s a great option for those that want to pay for it, but it’s not better than non-organic foods.  Most producers (those that actually grow the food) of organic foods are careful and responsible to say that organic foods cannot feed the world.  There simply isn’t enough land, water and resources to do it.  And they say candidely that genetically engineered (GE) foods, aka GMOs, are no better or worse than organic foods.

The real promoters of fear and misinformation about GMOs are the organic label marketing departments and organic trade associations. 

At a GMO panel discussion I recently attended, an organic trade group spokesman blatantly lied to the 200 people in the room by saying, “There is no peer reviewed science showing that GMOs are safe”.  This is the exact opposite of what is factual.  The non-GMO groups only rely on the studies they fund or find that support their agenda.

Here’s the skinny of what’s really going on:  Organic food labels profit by scaring us about GMOs.  They work hard to grow sales, their brands and use scare tactics to differentiate their brands.  Organic trade groups make serious bucks pumping out biased and non-factual hyperbole.

I will blog continually about the meta-analysis, peer reviewed science that show GMOs to be safe and sustainable.  I will show you the peer-reviewed science.  Universities and governments around the word continually review GMOs and the worldwide consensus it that they are safe. No GMO seed producing company could pay off all the scientists around the world to keep quiet about GMOs. Such stories are great fiction but are false. 

Do NOT believe the social media posts and emails that report a conspiracy by our government or GMO seed producing companies.  This is a lie.  It’s a tool in the box of many organic food-marketing departments to grow sales and profits. If you are interested in learning more about GMOs, here's a good non-biased place to start​

A disclaimer.  I do not receive any money, support or information about GMOs from any biotech or other company.   I am not paid to write what I write. I sell organic foods, so I am not even benefiting with increased sales by sharing this.  I am a simply a Colorado farm raised foodie reporting objective facts for the sake of providing honest and reliable information about food production. 

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