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Friday, July 12 2019

On Saturday, July 6th, my son Jonathan was in an accident that dislocated his knee cap and we had to rush him to the Littleton Hospital E.R. at 8 pm.  My wife, daughter and I were all in a panic as Jonathan was in a lot of pain.

At the check in desk, upon presenting my United Health Care Insurance Card, I was told my coverage had been denied.  This was a big surprise to me as our small company had been with United for 10 years, my monthly premium payments were all paid on time and I’d received absoluteley no communication from United Health Care or my insurance broker that there was any problem. I was very upset. Now I had a hurt son and no health care coverage for an E.R. visit.  I lost a lot of sleep over the weekned worrrying about the bills and my son's health. 

So, of course, first thing Monday morning, I called United H.C. (UHC) customer service to find out what the issue was.  Apparently Risk Management at United Health Care terminated our small company policy, without notice to us,  because they said they sent out an audit request, that we never received,  to confirm the eligibility of our small group.  Our renewal was last November, when at that time United confirmed the eligibility of our small group. So why this mid-year audit?

I called my insurance broker next, who received by email the audit form that United was wanting. I filled it out and sent back to my broker, who sent it to United Monday morning.   She was unaware of any issues with our policy, and called United Health Care's Risk Management office on Monday July 8th.  As of today, Friday July 12th, they have not returned her calls.  My broker is frustrated and has said she's never worked with such poor spirit of communication at a health insurance company. 

My broker was told  by her sales rep at Untited, that UHC terminated the plan because my mid-year audit was not completed by July 1st.  Again.  This was a form we'd never received.  

I called United’s risk management group and spoke to Mr. Patrick Gohl.  I asked him very nicely to consider reinstating my plan as we had not received the notice by mail asking for a mid-year audit. We had promtly sent him the form he was missing on Monday  July 8th.  I explained to him that United didn’t communicate to myself, my company or my broker that they were missing anything from us, so they had no grounds to terminate our plan.    Mr. Gohl refused to reinstate our small group plan.  Clearly, I thought he wants to eliminate our small group.

It is clear that United is discriminating against our company’s small group in that:

  • They are auditing us mid-year, again, even after we’ve been approved as a small group in November 2018.  This is harassment.
  • They didn’t attempt to contact my broker or my company to notify us that they were missing their mid-year audit.  Clearly, they want to drop our coverage so this is how they go about it. 
  • They refuse to return my broker's phone calls. 

If my son Jonathan hadn’t gotten hurt on Saturday, I wouldn’t even know that United had dropped us.  This is only the 2nd time this year (1st time was for a routine doctor’s appointment for myself), that I’ve used our health insurance with UHC.    

Beware of United Health Care if you are small company. Do you think they would treat a large group this way?  No way.  

Now my company is unisured. And since there's a gap in coverage our deductable's won't carry over with a new plan with any carrier. This will cost our employees thousands of $$.  

What a loser as a company.

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