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Sunday, December 09 2012

There has been growing concern about antibiotic use in meat. The meat industry can give the consumer whatever type of meat it wants. We can raise animals without antibiotics, but it costs more to raise animals this way. Antibiotics keep animals healthier when confined closely to other animals and the animals gain weight faster. Many producers tell me that they would prefer to raise animals without antibiotics but their customers are not willing to pay the increased prices. Americans have this "Walmart" mentality. Remember when Walmart supported American made goods? But consumers wanted cheap instead of American made, so Walmart changed to being the price leader. It's no different with meat. The Meat Industry can give consumers drug free meat, cage free meat, free range, grass fed, all natural, etc. But consumers cannot expect to pay the same for meat raised without growth hormones, beta-antagonists, antibiotics, ionosphere's and pesticides if they keep shopping price. I have been in hundreds of accounts where the chef or buyer tells me, "I want Natural protein, but I don't want to pay more for it." Can't happen. Do NOT make the producers of protein into the "BAD GUY" for giving consumers what they want. For many, maybe most, it's the cheapest meat they can buy; at Walmart!

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