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This one hour seminar is taylored for cattlemen's meetings.  I share slides and videos of working for nearly 30 years in processing plants. I discuss packaging, processing, yield tests, beef carcass cutout, temperatures, food safety, custom processing and more. This is a good starter seminar for those considering opening their own beef plant or those wanting to maximize effeciencies. I really like doing this seminar for at least 90 minutes with an exra 30 to 60 minutes for Q&A. 

COP Beef Fast Track

In this one hour seminar, we'll walk through the beef production process, including cow-calf, stocker and feed lots.  We'll discuss grass fed and grain fed beef, hormones, antibiotics, breeds, genetics and grading.  This is a great class for food service sales teams, retail meat cutters and restaurant chain staff. Participants will experiece a lively, informative discussion and will better undertand the complex beef production process.  

See Gregory's YouTube Channel is sponsored by Barber's Foods. Offering the finest quality meat products, direct-to-your door since 1949.

See The BEEF PRO channel on YouTube for informative short videos on beef.